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Healing Tips

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Here dragon, dragon, dragon!
Here dragon, dragon, dragon!

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 14, 2008 9:57 am    Post subject: Healing Tips Reply with quote

Below are just some tips that I collected to start up a discussion to help improve the raid healing. Please add your own as we can all improve in our technique.

    Lifebloom ticks every second, keep up more lifeblooms on multiple targets.

    Healing Touch is not mana efficient -- use Lifebloom/HoTs.

    With Lifebloom you can keep up full three stacks on three people easily.

    Not good to focus on only one tank with Druids.

    Need healing plan ahead of time. Coordinate healers.
    Possible setups:
    Wyrm HoTs both tanks, Guy on current tank, Urp raid healing.
    Wyrm HoTs both tanks, Jershon watches spikes, Thall raid heal with Circle of Healing.

Techniques (Healing)
    Be thinking 2 or 3 heals ahead. With healing spells that have a cast time you can select your first target, start casting the heal, then while that spell is finishing you can select your next heal target. Your heal will land on your original target and you'll be able to start casting on your new target immediately. This will minimize the amount of time in between heals.

    Understand the Global Cooldown. For spells with a casting time of longer than 1.5 seconds, the GCD is already up by the time the spell lands. This means that you can follow up such a healing spell with an instant heal and waste no time in between the heals. For example, a Priest can cast Greater heal (cast time 2.5 seconds) and have it simultaniously land with a renew (immediate) cast immediately after the Greater Heal. Of course casting the renew will also reset the GCD, but it's much more efficient than not trying to time the cast and wasting time trying to decide what to do next.

Techniques (Mana Conservation)
    Interrupt your heals. With the spikey damage that can occur with the main tank on boss fights it might be necessary to start casting your big heals before the MT needs it. Or maybe the MT is down in health and you're casting your big heal when all of a sudden the MT is back at full health because of multiple simulatanious heals landed before yours. Don't blow a your mana on a massive overheal. Just interrupt your heal before it finishes then move on to the next target, start your next heal, or throw some hots to the dps.

    Drink Early, Drink often. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL YOU'RE OUT OF MANA TO POP A MANA POT!! Mana pots are on a 2 minute timer. Managing your mana means managing that timer and the amount of mana that you get back from each pot. Jershon will use his first mana pot when he's down to about 65% mana. This usually brings him up to full mana again. By using a mana pot as soon as prudent and using them as often as possible your mana will be around alot longer. This same mentality also applies to other mana generating abilities (shadowfiend, innervate, etc.)


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