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Explorations of hidden caverns (Return to the Temple of Elem

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Here dragon, dragon, dragon!
Here dragon, dragon, dragon!

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 15, 2001 11:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Character rundown for the unintiate:
see prior session for the rundown.
Changes are that we gained the following people:
stormweather: Bannock (dwarven, male, fighter)
Kyndig: Gaiden Tanglemoor (human, male, fighter / rogue / barbarian)

To the story....

Darren puts down his mug of ale and wipes the foam from his beard (he seems to be a bit messy)

"Where was I? Oh yes, the platform room....

"Well, after that last fight Spugnoir didn't really like the idea of sticking around there in the Moat House and really wanted to get back to town. So we decided that since we had gone through all the trouble of rescuing him we might as well guard him on his way back to town. That way we's could resupply and what not.

"Along the road back to town we's got attacked by another ankheg. We of course killed it, but really what's with all the ankheg's around here, it's like you've got an infestation or something. We's get's attacked by one on the way in and on the way out.

"Anyways, we's make camp not much farther down the road and during the night we's got attacked again by some sort of hound. During the fight Shennia and I decided that we's needed to circle around the creature to get a better angle on the thing...." Darren trails off and looks at CloŽ, "What?"

CloŽ give's him a suffering look and states, "You two didn't decide to circle around it, you two were scared. Plain and simple you were scared and ran off."

Darren blushes a bit, "Maybe it happened that way... anyways, the point is that it got killed, just not by me or Shennia.

"So's like I was saying we's was on our way back to town. We's didn't really find much else to kill along the way (more's the pity) but we's did make it back nice and safe. Next day we's resupplied and the following we's were on our way back to the Moat House.

"Once we's got back we's thought we's should take a look around down another passage that we's had yet to explore before we's did something about that swinging platform back in that other room.

"Exploring down this other passage we find a knot of gnolls and well since we's're all such a big group and obviously frightened them, they attacked us. What could we's do but retaliate and destroy them? So's we's did.

"After that little gruesome fight ended and we's continued exploring down the passage we's managed to set off some sort of trap. Apparently we's managed to drop a portculis down on one of the unexplored tunnels. When we's finally found the portculis we's couldn't manage to get it open so's we's finally just decided that it wasn't worth our time and continued on.

"Not much after that we's found a room with a few chicken type critters with some big ol' rat statues in there."

Antonius adds in, "They weren't 'chicken type critters' they were cockatrices, get it straight human."

"Of, course, that's what I meant, cockatrices. (Really they looked a lot like some sort of chicken thing.) So's here we's are fighting them 'cockatrices' and well we's are rather a good bunch when it comes to fight, what did you expect we's killed them off of course.

"After looking around a bit more we's headed back to the portculis as one of our party members thought it would be a good idea. So's we's trudge on back to it and after working at it for a bit we's finally manage to jiggle it on up. We's really didn't find much of anything in there so's we's instead decided to find ourselves some place to camp and settle in for the night.

"The next day we's headed on back to the platform and loaded up half the party on it. We's got me and Bannock and Jhaelas and Gaiden onto the platform and went on down.

"We's found ourselves near another platform much like the one we's was on but the floor was real weird like, all these purple like wriggly things under the surface that moved towards us when we stepped out on the surface of the stone. We's had a quick little group think and sent Gaiden back up with the platform while's the rest of us went down on the other platform.

"So's here we's is going down on this other platform and this big ol' nasty floating bag of tentacles comes down and grabs me. Mind you I gave it a bit of a bruise for it though. I've gotten m'self a rather big aversion to these things now as it promptly wrapped me up in it's tentacles and started to float away with me."

Darren looks up rather startled as a ranger nearby speaks up, "That floating back of tentacle's is called a grell mate."

Smiling Darren replies, "Oh, thanks, that's good to know.

"Well my companions on the platform started to beat it up a whole bunch and around this time the other platform was on it's way down and them's that were on it could see what was happenin' and they start a shoot arrows inta it and Gaiden got in a really good hit and the thing just sort of listed off and started to float on down inta the cavern.

"Well, Jhaelas thinking that the thing was trying to get away started lettin' the rope out on the platform. Actually he just sorta let go and Bannock not likin' the speed of drop decided that he was just as well off if'n he could jump onto the grell, unfortunately he missed and hit the ground rather hard. I don't know how he survived that fall, but he did.

"As for Jhaelas, well he wasn't as lucky, he tried to slow his fall and musta gotten burned by the rope as he couldn't slow it down and well... it was a rather sickening sound when he landed and the platform sorta shattered. Lucky for him, he didn't quite die and we's were later able to revive him.

"Of course that couldn't be the end of our little adventure right as the very dead grell finally dropped me off on the ground Bannock went got attacked by a flying freak. Well, ok, not a freak so much as a crazy guy flying around. We's kill him for his stupidity of course.

"So's we's start looking around and the rest of our party get down right around the time Antonious pokes at this black wall and another grell comes popping out and attacks us. After dispatching it and several others (since we's kept poking at the wall and they seemed to disklike that) we's finally decided that it's time to go.

"About this time as we's is starting to go back up out of the cavern Jhaelas manages to do something to the wierd spire in the room. Thinking him lost, we's say a brief farewell and head on out. Lo' to our surprise he appears at the top of the climb none the worse for wear and with a story of his own to share.

"After he gives us his story we's decide that we's should head on back to town." Darren looks around at his captivated audience and smiles and then picks up and finishes his mug of ale. Looks down at it and one of his listeners decides that for such a good story he should buy him another mug.

What Darren decided to leave out of course was that the party didn't just leave the pit exposed. They decided that for the good of everyone around they should not discuss the fact that there was a plug that they used to close the cavern up again. Hopefully the little bit of extra indirection will foil more of those intent on their nefarious business.

May today there be peace within. May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. ~ Excerpt from the start of Saint Theresa's Prayer
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