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Act I Epilogue

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Here dragon, dragon, dragon!
Here dragon, dragon, dragon!

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PostPosted: Mon Apr 06, 2009 9:00 pm    Post subject: Act I Epilogue Reply with quote

With a sickening crunch, the assassin fell from the catwalk to the seats below. Somehow--and much as her opponents had done before--she survived the fall (albeit barely). A few quick thrusts and stabs from the party, though, and her mission to assassinate Prince Rygar ended in failure.

After collecting their wits (and comrades), the weary group gathered around her still form. Another Sending Stone was found on her person, along with several emeralds (payment?) and a hefty--and familiar looking--sphere.

"That makes five..." Fes spoke to nobody in particular. His comrades nodded their agreement.

From the backstage area came a shout, followed by the emergence of Prince Rygar and his bodyguards. A brief moment of tension between the twinned armed groups followed, but was quickly brought to an end by Nuri's explanation of the events which had transpired. His story was corroborated when, shortly afterward, a kicking and screaming Gov. Sylneeros was hauled onto the stage from a side corridor. His captors--loyalist Seadragons who had caught wind of his plot, albeit too late to do anything--validated the party's accusations. The erstwhile governor was hauled off in manacles, his political career unlikely to take the leap forward he had anticipated...

Within a few days, several loose ends began to tie themselves up. For their valor and dedication to the nation, the party was knighted as Protectors of the Principalities, its Fleets and Realms in a lavish and well-attended ceremony. The group of adventures had made a lifelong friend in Prince Rygar, and their efforts were well-appreciated. Further questioning revealed that the former governor had been part of a plot to assassinate Rygar and several of his more loyalist lieutenants, be they provincial rulers or otherwise. Funding for the bribes and assorted machinations of the plot had come through the smuggling of assorted artifacts from various lands through the Principalities to various buyers across the continent. Dovolys and the Harbormaster had both been involved, but only as middlemen: they supplied, prepared, and/or transported the bodies which held the artifacts, but their own motivations weren't necessarily related to the coup. Dovolys, for one, seemed to be acting under the orders of Vol herself--what his ultimate goal had been remained uncertain. Likewise, the Harbormaster appeared to have had profit alone as his focus, but perhaps there was still more to the story.

Regardless, the assassination attempt had failed, and the party stood to reap the benefits of becoming national heroes.
The end of an error.

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