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The Quiet Mountain

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Here dragon, dragon, dragon!
Here dragon, dragon, dragon!

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 22, 2002 3:15 pm    Post subject: The Quiet Mountain Reply with quote

Mt. Stalagos was twice a busy hive of activity.

Centuries ago, the dwarves had delved deep into the mountain, mining for the diamonds they were sure were there. As the miniing continued and the bridges and dwellings were constructed, hundreds -- perhaps thousands -- of dwarves moved through the rocky viens of the mountain. A burst of activity that lasted many decades, until finally the dwarves dug deep enough to draw the attention of darker powers.

Unable to stop the threat from below, the dwarves were driven off. The mountain lay quiet. History moved along, paying no heed to the massive black spike that now hid beneath the rim of the crater, impaling the heart of the mountain, and driving perhaps into the magma cap below.

In this silence, a low murmur steadily increased in strength. The Elemental Eye had found Stalagos, and set about making it more hospitable for their own endeavors. Cultists of the elements were drawn in, temples were consecrated within the dwarven halls, and once again hundreds of like-minded beings pulsed through the mountain.

But their attention was split between the rivalries of the elements and a search far and wide for artifacts and locations to help their cause. The Cult's objective grew near, and the release of their master was within their grasp.

It was at this point that the mountain began its spiral into silence. Many of the cultists had moved away to continue the search. The defenders of the Mountain were lax, safe only in the assumption that the rest of the world did not know who or where they were. When reports of intruders began to circulate among the temples, they were mostly disregarded.

Then the Air temple fell, followed by the weakened Earth temple. The remaining temples and bridge complexes turned to the Doomdreamers at the Core, hoping that assistance would be forthcoming. But the Doomdreamers were to focused on their other machinations. The High Priest Hedrack sent assassins, but was not successful.

The Water temple fell, but Tessimon of the Fire temple was too confident, and was convinced that her more powerful temple would succeed where the other elements failed. She was wrong, however, and the Fire Temple, too, fell into silence.

Now the Outer Fane had been breached. The door guardians at the Fire and Water doors were defeated. The Oracle, an illithid seer, was slain in an instant by the intruders. The Beastkeeper had been bested, with his hellish dire lions. The Outer Fane was all but deserted. The guards in the guard towers had fled, riding their spider eaters to better climes.

And the Doomdreamers spoke not a word, the Black Spike sealed against intrusion.

These intruders, the heroes, waited in the chambers of Varachan, a former priest of the Elemental Eye but now repenting his evil ways. They plotted their next move, for Hedrack was still a significant threat, and may have with him other priests or some of the remaining inhabitants of the Outer Fane.

But the few dozens of beings left would slowly dwindle in number, and Mount Stalagos will lie dormant, again.

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