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Tahlali's Journal (03-05-2003)

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Here dragon, dragon, dragon!
Here dragon, dragon, dragon!

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PostPosted: Mon May 12, 2003 9:06 pm    Post subject: Tahlali's Journal (03-05-2003) Reply with quote

Quick info:
Starting Location: Inside the Demon God Faine
Attendence: Tatania, Wulf, Jaerna, Richard, Sascha, Tahlali

Death comes so readily, a sharp sword, an arrow, the gaze of unholy horors.

The elven ancestors say that death comes personally to collect a mage. If that's so, I've never encountered him. He's always been to busy to attend to me. Perhaps that's why I've never been too afraid of all those times that my spirit has left my body. It's like a brief outing in which I get to talk to the All Father.

This last time though. Those creatures and their dead, unholy gaze. The very blankness of it is enough to drive out the spirit that is loosely fettered from this world. The feeling of being stuck inside the faine and not able to leave was just as bad. Perhaps that is what a bound ghost feels like.

I'm grateful for my collegues for having found my body and Robyns as well, though we have yet to bring our fallen comrade back from the other side. I wonder, does he feel the same angst that I did in not being able to visit my parents or my Lord Kroten?

Enough of this introspection, I must detail what we have done inside the Faine.

Upon my restoration to this life at the wave of a staff my comrades informed me that they had found a pair of prismatic walls that prohibited any further progress down. It was with some regret that I informed them that I did not have all the necesary spells to remove the walls. However, if we could acquire a scroll of each of the two spells that I was missing then we would be able to proceed once I had added them to my spellbook.

With thoughts of acquiring the spells that I needed, we returned to the Graven Ones' stronghold and inquired as the particular spells. Lucky for us they had one of each of the spells that I needed.

After spending time adding them to my book we again made our way back to the Faine, and down inside to one of the prismatic walls. A little over a minute later the wall was gone and we were able to proceed.

What awaited us on the other side though, that was a problem. We found ourselves in a throne room with a glabrezu looking on and of course deciding that we would make a tasty treat. During our battle, we found ourselves also facing off against two fire giants and while the party was partly separated that nasty sucubus appeared and started feasting on Tatania.

...(journal continues with next session)
May today there be peace within. May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be. ~ Excerpt from the start of Saint Theresa's Prayer
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