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Blundering fools

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Here dragon, dragon, dragon!
Here dragon, dragon, dragon!

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 04, 2001 7:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I couldn't believe it. It wasn't hardly a week ago I
watched the human and elf leave here with their fallen
comrade. Then they returned? Granted it was with a new group,
but still. These fools never learn. I was sure that this would
be their undoing. It appeared that the one they dragged
out of here was not to return.

There were 6 of them this time. They seemed to think they knew
what they were doing. It is becoming quite profitable to just
watch these parties rush in and die. I just slip in behind and
clean up what they leave without anyone knowing I was there.
I knew I was going to score big on this group after the darven
oaf wasted a perfectly good alchemists fire potion on that sorry
excuse for a web.

They wandered in and tried to be careful about noise. They weren't
very observent though, as I managed to slip by their rear guard.
I just seeing how much time these parties waste on that first door.
I was suprised to see them give up on it so quickly. Maybe they
weren't as foolish as I had thought.

They decided to take the left branch of the corridor. I knew this
was going to be fun. Still, they did try to be careful. They
started toward the Behir. I knew this was going to be good when
the female elf that had been here before got herself eaten in short
order. Too bad though, all that equipment wasted in the belly of
that beast. It got pretty nasty there and I thought the Behir
was going to score again. It had that half elven ranger in its
mouth. I was sad to see that her equipment was going to be
wasted as well.

I still can't believe she damn near decapitacted the beast.
From within it's mouth she sliced her way out of there. That
was bad enough in and of itself, but the fact she managed to
kill it as well? That was just too much.

They licked their wounds and then went through the door on the
right of that room. The female monk tried bluffing when asked
about the challis. She didn't have a clue as she tried to bluff
those slaads. I mean, the slaads weren't that bright and they
still saw through her lies. They decided to go after the slaads
and quickly found themselves outmatched. The green one had that
beautiful half-plate. They couldn't hardly touch him.

The other female elf lept over the blue slaad. Talk about a
brilliant move. I couldn't think of a better move to bring
in the third slaad. That human rogue didn't have the brains
Nerull bestowed upon a gnat. He would run in, get his life
all but taken from him. This kept their cleric busy healing
him and kept him out of the battle. After falling about 5
times, death finally took hold of him. The last of their
guides was gone.

I figured the slaads were going to make short work of the rest
of this pathetic party. They couldn't hardly touch the green
one, at least not til that cursed dwarf got a lucky shot in
on him. From there it was all down hill for the Slaads. I
was sorry to see them go. They allowed me to loot their victims
on occasion. They did pick up a new adventurer, an elven ranger.
She should have been killed by those slaads.

That cursed dwarf took the armor from the green slaad. I would
have been able to live a long time for what I could have sold
that armor for. Oh well, I'd never have been able to get that
armor back to town. Of course they also looted the corpse of
their human comrade. They took a few minutes to lick their
wounds before moving on.

I had expected them to explore deeper into this room. Instead
they decided to backtrack on the Behir. They almost ran over
me on the way out of the room, fortunately I am very good at
hiding. They climbed back over the Behir and proceeded down
to the shadow room. I figured the shadows would reduce their
numbers further. Nerull must have abbandoned the shadows
because their cursed cleric made short work of them.

They decided to head back toward the entrance to these caverns
after discovering they couldn't get through the remaining door.
They fell for the oldest trick in the book as well. They
walked right into a mimic. Unfortunately they made rather short
work of my old friend. After that they trekked back to the
shadow room for the night.

Realizing they would most likely not be losing their lives in the
next few hours, I decided to let them be. Fortunately I found a
couple pearls on the blue slaad that those blundering fools missed.
At least the day wasn't a total waste.

[ This Message was edited by: Shadowlord on 2001-06-05 10:46 ]
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Here dragon, dragon, dragon!
Here dragon, dragon, dragon!

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 05, 2001 9:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Umm.. Slaad, not slaag.

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