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Magus the Outcast

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Here dragon, dragon, dragon!
Here dragon, dragon, dragon!

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PostPosted: Tue May 02, 2006 12:49 pm    Post subject: Magus the Outcast Reply with quote

Growing up in a community where the people looked up to his father as a defender, Magus felt the high expectations of the villagers. He knew that he'd have to carry on his father's legacy as the defender of his village. His father, being a mage, knew a vast amount of magic and spells in which to defend the village and keep it sustained. This was not the life Magus wanted.

Magus was feisty, and not as calm as his father. While Magus tried to learn under strict education and training in the intellect of magic, he was fonder of battle and aggressive tactics. So while in school, he'd often watch the other boys play in the fields and watch the girls pick flowers as the boys tried to impress them. He'd often daydream of showing them all up in their own game and winning the hearts of the ladies... This ultimately led to his outcast from the village.

Magus' father found out that his son longed for athletic combat and offensive magic casting. This was greatly displeasing to his father who was one of the most revered casters in the land. He tried to discourage him by handing a foreign weapon to his son saying "You can be a fighter, you can be a mage, but not both, you abomination!" This only fueled Magus to learn both techniques simultaneously.

At the age of 12, two years after the above scolding, Magus found that he could indeed do both. What's more, he didn't require any time to meditate on what spells to use. He was learning, and then retaining how to do them as well. His skills were shunned by his father, even though they were highly unrefined. His father gave up on his training in the casting skill. Saddened, but relieved, Magus left the school, picked up his fauchard, and challenged the biggest teen in the village for the honor of escorting Elanai, a beautiful girl with blonde hair and freckles (who happened to be the same age as Magus), to the feast the following day. The duel consisted of three different tasks as was tradition in the village. The first was to swim the fastest across the lake, which the other boy succeeded in doing. The next was to use intelligence to duel playing a game the villagers called "Tetris". It consisted of placing the same amount of stones in a block shape without going outside the lines of the field. The one who placed the most stones in a certain pre-chosen pattern would be victorious... which happened to be Magus this time.

The final stage was a one-on-one duel with any weapon they chose. The older boy fought valiantly with his falchion, and bested Magus with his fauchard. Kneeling and out of breath, Magus said... "That wasn't my primary weapon!" Standing to his feet, he threw what looked like a ball of fire out of his hand, and consumed the boy in a pile of ash. No one had ever seen magic used like this. No one had ever used magic to incinerate another fellow villager either.

Magus was outcast from the village for life, and Elanai swore to never speak to him again. Magus, at age 12, was now alone in a world that would never accept his remarkable talent for being a caster and a fighter.


Magus came upon a place in the desert called Tarth Moorda, a place where the warmage could be trained. From exhaustion and dehydration, Magus passed out on the steps, inadvertently knocking his head against the door. When he came to after blacking out, he had a lump and a soft hand with a wet cloth on his head. Dazed, he asked where he was. "Tarth Moorda, your new home, Magus." came the response. A girl of 14, deep brown eyes and wavy brown hair was tending his wounds. After about an hour of conversation, Magus found out that he was in a place that trained warmages, a class of fighters that could cast magic offensively with armor on.

When Serena Ostarte, the head warmaster, emerged from the doorway, she asked if Magus would consider joining, for she felt that he was strong in potential for becoming a warmage. Magus was only too happy to have a new home and a place where he could learn his craft. He vowed, however, that while in Tarth Moorda he would use his casting ability, he would never use it on the outside for the life he took was still weighing on his soul.

With this agreement began his training. And he grew fast in the ranks. After just 12 years, at the age of 25, he was one of the highest students in the facility. His training partner, the girl who helped him, was his best friend and ally all throughout his time there. A healer came in handy when he went all out against his tutors. Fortunately he was a quick learner and a faster healer.

When asked if he wanted to train others as a warmaster, he declined and asked if he could leave the compound without taking the Fire Hawk oath of service to the land, saying that his tasks lie before him in other lands. He was allowed, though he could never return to the facility until he took the oath. Thus marks his second outcast.

Growing up with an appreciation for the tenderness of children and women, he vowed to protect them in his travels above all others. He didn't value wealth when lords tried to hire him, nor did he ask for handouts from families he stayed with on his travels. He roamed the land until he came across a group of paladin fighters who were defending a local school from robbers and thieves. Magus the Outcast (as people called him) joined the fray and helped the paladins defeat the marauders.

Magus joined the paladins known as the Just Wolves. They were fighters and warriors for the people of the land, and fought off bandits, thugs, and those preying on the innocent. Magus felt like he finally found a group he could join. Being a warmage, he looked the part of a fighter (strong armor and a fierce looking weapon). He was physically built as well, but these were strong paladins as well. They called him "Maggot, the Underhand" as a joke. Magus had a good sense of humor, and went along with it... letting them believe he was a medium level fighter. In fact, he is the pride of the warmage school Tarth Moorda, the insanely powerful warmage Magus the Outcast.

He kept his vow to never use magic outside the school, though.

That is, until they came across a dragon that was terrorizing a village in the distance... Magus' home village!

They ran to face the huge beast, and lured it away from the village to a place where they could do battle. Most of the paladins could not harm the dragon. As the fight continued it became apparent that this dragon could slay them all at will. There were no casters, no clerics, no one to aid them at all. Magus would have to intervene. After the other paladins lay prone, some unconscious and others low in health, Magus revealed his true power. In a matter of moments the fight had taken a turn in their favor. Rising up with what little power they had, the remaining paladins were led in combat by a mage that could cast in armor while weilding a deadly fauchard expertly. In a final effort to destroy the village, paladins and all, the dragon tried to escape and breathe fire on the whole area. In a readied action, Magus cast a spell that killed the dragon, raking him with cold damage all over his body. The beast fell to the ground and shattered. It was learned later that Magus the Outcast had a weapon so powerful the paladins couldn't hold it, armor so powerful the paladins couldn't bear to don it, and powers that his father, who died in the fight, couldn't comprehend. In the aftermath, Elanai made her way to where Magus was, and thanked him. She didn’t recognize him, nor did he want her to. He accepted their thanks and stayed to help rebuild a little, but didn’t accept the money or position of office they offered him.

The paladins were outraged that this pipsqueak could so much more powerful than they were that not only did they take an alignment shift ruining their paladin abilities, but they also tried to kill Magus, who fled their midst. These paladins became regular fighters and marauders... becoming the very thing they had fought for the last five years. The group ended up stumbling onto the land of Tarth Moorda, where they were instantly defeated for trying to rob the place. Robbers and murderers are not tolerated in that area... regardless if they used to be paladins.

Magus was then outcast from the paladin wolves, and found him roaming yet again.

Where ever he wound up, his role was the same: help those who ask, and defend those in danger. He no longer feared using his magic as a weapon against evil. His name raced across the land in this country and he became known to many villagers. He is, after all, a man from the common people.

People who recognized the foreign fauchard knew who was walking up the road. Though he detested the title he was often given (fearing that his ego become more powerful than his magic). He longed to just be called by his simple name. Walking down the road helping those who asked was his life… until he came across an unusual band that seemed to be around his level of expertise. A monk was walking in the opposite direction of the group, who was now heading in Magus’ direction. One of them asked for his name, sensing Magus’ power. A girl of 12 years old ran from her school grounds up to Magus. She knew him. The whole town knew this was a warrior of good who did things his own way. Her classmates surrounded him cheering him on. Hugging his hand with all her strength the girl exclaimed “Dis be Magus Dragonbane, the Outcast!”
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