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Act II Story so far.

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Here dragon, dragon, dragon!
Here dragon, dragon, dragon!

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 16, 2009 9:01 am    Post subject: Act II Story so far. Reply with quote

Nurik has been working closely with Prince Ryger and the Prince gave him a special mission to enact with discretion. He needs a prisoner transferred from Dreadhold (like Alcatraz but bigger) to a location, that is undisclosed at this time. The prisoner, Valjon a Riedran, has information that is critical so he must be escorted safely to X. (We will learn the location on a lightning rail when someone gives the proper passphrase).
Since discretion was called for Nurik used the sending stones (each of the groups had one [Nurik & Mikal, Festavard, Harper, & Alain, and Jecht] to call back the party (Big Red Button style, but he actually hit it)

Upon arriving at Dreadhold the party was told that there have already been several attempts on his life, but he seemed to know they were coming before they did. As the party set out to get the prisoner an alarm went off because there were riots (never happened before in Dreadhold). The party was given keys to get where they needed to go and given authority to use whatever force necessary to achieve their goals. This is understood by the party to not use lethal force unless absolutely necessary.

They knocked out large band of lesser criminals (mostly minions) and then took out a contingent of Cyclops' (with one surrendering and asking to just be locked back in its cell).

At the end of the session the party was moving towards the only other exit, where noises indicating a tussle were emanating from the shower room.
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