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Richard's Ruminations 3-6-02

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Here dragon, dragon, dragon!
Here dragon, dragon, dragon!

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 20, 2002 12:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

I am thankful that we no longer have to fly as birds, forever searching for the swamp. (I found myself wanting to hunt for and eat small animals. Eating things raw makes my stomach turn...)

After three additional days of flying about almost aimlessly, we noticed a strange-looking valley from afar. It seemed to be entirely full of mist. We landed, changed back into human form, and rested for a night. The next morning, we each took hold of a long rope and headed downhill, into the mist, through which we could hardly see.

Everything was going well until Jaerna fell down a large precipice, leaving us all to wonder for a short time whether or not she was alive. After climbing down, however, we found her hurt, but not unduly so. After two further hours of walking slowly through the mist, we noticed that it seemed to be thinning. We could see further, and had some notion of regular, if dim, daylight ahead.

We descended through what might just as well have been a cloud, and decided that we had indeed found the swamp, for all we could see was a mass of plants. Wulf located a path, and Jaerna immediately noticed hill giant tracks. We also saw a path on which larger beings than even hill giants had traveled.

We moved down the path, intending to go deeper into the swamp, and were almost immediately attacked by eight giant crocodiles. Robyn, Jaerna, and myself quickly found ourselves in the mouths of those great beasts. I broke free soon after, but Robyn was not so lucky. He was sucked underneath the dirty water.

To escape her beastly captor, Jaerna turned into a lion. In this form, she was able to kill one of the crocodiles easily. Meanwhile, Robyn eventually got away from his attacker, and managed to get up onto an island. Wulf then weighed in, killing another of the ferocious animals.

To escape his persistant enemy, Robyn drank a potion of Gaseous Form, floating up and away from the confounded beast. I was also lucky, managing to kill a crocodile without taking significant damage. Sadly though, Tahlali was not able to escape so easily. He was dragged underwater by another crocodile, and was drowned.

Jaerna, Wulf, and Lucita killed four more of the animals. After all of the attackers had been dispatched, we located Tahlali's poor body, floated it up out of the water, and prepared to take him to a town to be raised from the dead, as none of us were willing to see his light fade from the earth. Jaerna transported him to Brunlaga for that purpose.

I can only imagine what other horrible creatures we will encounter in this accursed swamp. It is certain, for instance, that hill giants come here, so we may even see more of their kind, which bodes naught but ill. My faith in my God bolsters me now. It is all I have left.

Bonzo the Magnificent
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