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A Dagger's Tale

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Here dragon, dragon, dragon!
Here dragon, dragon, dragon!

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 10, 2002 10:48 pm    Post subject: A Dagger's Tale Reply with quote

The water rushed through Irongate's river gorge, and the roar carried through the windows of the tall belltower high above.

Deltoria stared fuming out the window into the shadows of the night sky, where the imposter posing as Xanthe had fled after turning into a bird. In the streets below, a commotion was stirring as number of Order of the Dawn and Commissar's Guards were arriving andpreparing to enter the Chapel of St. Thessina.

Moriar had been freed from the strange machine, and was reorienting himself to his body. And the other unconcious prisoner was being tended to by M'Rik.

The bugbear priest was sprawled upon the floor in a pool of blood, and nearby the other adversary also lay dead nearby, with Morgan working at separating the dead warrior from his weapons and other gear. Looking at him now, Deltoria recognized the face, and finally remembered where she had seen him before. It was Brother Heth Nerull -- he had been the member of the Church of Lothian that had encouraged the heroes to find more out about the first Sealed Door and the banewarrens key. It was Heth that had provided the legend lore scroll at the meeting with Sister Mara von Witten and Sister Varaun following the first rescue of Kalerecent.

Wasn't it odd that a priest had so conveniently had a high-level wizard scroll available mere hours after finding Kalerecent?

Deltoria's mind was brought back to the present as an unfamiliar voice broke the unsteady silence.

"... I was trying to thank you for rescuing me!" the voice was saying. It seemed to be coming from the dagger that Morgan was now holding at a distance, a strange look on his face. The dagger was long-hafted, with white diamonds set around the pommel and a simple steel blade.

After a bit of confusion over why a dagger was talking, things settled down and the dagger was able to explain her story.

The dagger was named Yaeshla, and claimed she was the soul of an ailing elf child, whose body was failing. Elven artisans needed a pure sould to power the weapon that they would use to fight and hopefully defeat the Dread One, Eslathagos Malkith, and so transferred the lifeforce into a magical staff. In the last battle against the Dread One, the staff was broken in three, and its bearer fled with two sections, abandoning the last which might still be somewhere near Jabel Shammar, near the very top of the Banewarrens, in a place known as the Dread One's Path.

Sometime later, the bearer of the remaining sections bequeathed them to his apprentice, a half-dragon elf named Thurnin. Thurnin used his skills as a craftsman to add a blade to the still sentient section of the staff, creating the dagger by melding a blade with the haft. Thurnin retreated to the extradimensional retreat of his master, a pocket plane called the Quaan.

Years of being persecuted for his draconic heritage finally took their toll on Thurnin, and he swore a Pact, with other non-humanoids, to eradicate the humanoid races, particularly the elves and humans. He was accompanied in this Pact by three others: The illithid Ilaprisarol, the beholder Charch-Pahn, and the blue dragon known only as Father Claw. Of these, Yaeshla believed only the beholder still survives, but the forces they have amassed were great.

Most recently, the Pactlords have been focusing their efforts on retrieving the Black Grail, which might swing more followers to their cause. Their belief was now that the Black Grail was hidden inside the Banewarrens. Charch-Pahn sent Yaeshla with the forces invading the Banewarrens, but she was left behind by the second "Grailquest team", in case they too failed.

But Yaeshla had her own plan -- through Brother Heth, who never suspected her sentience, she learned of the existence of the Banewarrens Key. The Key still eluded the Pactlord teams, but someone was using it to delve further into the banewarrens than what would otherwise be possible. The descriptions and rumors indicated that this key was none other than the hand of Danar, later turned to the Dread One Eslathagos Malkith. If this were true, then Yaeshla could destroy the key, thus preventing any other doors from being permanently opened, as Yaeshla was originally created specifically to destroy the Dread One, and her touch could destroy any part of him.

But to regain her power over the flesh of the Dread One she needed to be reunited with her other sections -- one which was deep within the Banewarrens, and the other in the Black Manor in the midst of the Quann. Of course, there was also still the matter of finding the missing Key...

A shout echoed up the stairwell of the belltower. The Order of the Dawn guards had found the bodies a few levels down, and another shriek indicated that they had discovered the dead basilisk and the statue of Hurcan. The tromping of their footsteps indicated that they were coming up to the top of the belltower.

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