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Tahlali's Journal (01-22-2003)

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Here dragon, dragon, dragon!
Here dragon, dragon, dragon!

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 03, 2003 4:02 pm    Post subject: Tahlali's Journal (01-22-2003) Reply with quote

Quick Info
Starting Location: A retreat in Drugash somewhere
Attendance: Tatania, Tahlali, Wulf, Jaerna, Sascha, Richard

With the destruction of the Seals of Evil and the creatures within them the wizards of Drugash invited us to stay at a retreat that they have and offered us powerful items in thanks for our work. We asked a few questions of them before they left to find or make our requests.

Upon their return and after I spent some time modifying an item of Sascha's we find ourselves needing to do something now that our quest of the last year and a half has come to an end.

After some discussion we decide that the sword that we were given by Zaleashon needs to be returned. Ru'Talan tells us that a group of wizards known as the Graven Ones might know where we need to go to return the sword. Their stronghold is near a small town called Golden Lake on a lake called...Golden Lake.

Ru'Talan appears to know who the leader of the Graven Ones from some time in the past. One female half-elf of the name Erepothe, to which he gives us a letter of introduction.

Additionally as we will be heading into that region he has another acquaintance by the name of Hildebrandt that is looking for something from that region. The item is a rod with one end that looks like a griffin with spread wings. Nobody is certain what the rod does exactly.

However, Tatania, remembers a song about someone by the name of Oncaleous that led a charge against evil. The rod is only mentioned in passing. What can be taken from the song is that it is purplish in color and golden tipped. Additionally, an insight into it powers perhaps, Oncaleous supposedly caused the purifying water of heaven to cleanse the stronghold of evil that he cleared out. Whatever that is supposed to mean.

With the scraps of information that we received and a general idea of where this village of Golden Lake is we set off.

After getting into the region, with a couple of spells from Jaerna, Tatania and Richard head into this very small village. They come back out and tell us what they found out about where to find the Graven Ones. The information is rather unclear and is probably going to cause us plenty of problems, but, it's all we've got.

In the mean time, the entire party decides it's time to go visit the local Reeve and find out what he knows of the where abouts of the Graven Ones, and also about the murders that had recently happened.

After a little bit of talking we find out that the last two murders had just recently happened and the bodies, what was left of them anyway, had yet to be buried. Asking to see them we find ourselves looking into a couple of caskets with not much more than what could basically be called carvings of flesh.

The general consensus was that we needed the information badly enough, as we don't really like the idea of being in a region where we might potentially be blamed for murders, so we resurrect both of the people.

The information that we get leads out to talk to one Drabbit, or something, and while we go to discus his where with all to go around killing folks something possess Sascha who promptly turns on Tatania. Well, this doesn't go over very well and a couple of seconds later we're trussing both Drabbit and Sascha up in boots of stone thanks to Jaerna.

The next morning we deposes Sascha and then go to deposes Drabbit. Unfortunately in so doing we seem to have set off some sort of trigger and Drabbit explodes in a rather unholy way. Wulf's pet shadows inform him, and he us, that whatever we just did, it may not have been very good as the evil seems to have dispersed, not back to whatever plane it is from... but all over the place here on this plane.

It's about this time that we find ourselves needing to make a hasty retreat as it looks like we've upset the rest of the town.
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