Duncan's Home Page

Greetings, friends; and to those of you that I haven't gotten the pleasure of meeting yet. I hope you enjoy the page that follows. Who knows, maybe you may learn a little about me and yourself.

Here are some interesting links to friends, enemies, and politicians.

In case you hadn't noticed I am in to gaming. My favorite system is that put out by White Wolf, Vampire and Hunters to be specific. I am involved in several gaming groups at the moment and am looking to start up a live action Vampire. If anyone from PLU would like to participate, please email me.

For those of you who know nothing about the Vampire system, here is a little information. (links coming soon)Clans Page

Clan BrujahClan Nosferatu
Clan GangrelClan Toreador
Clan MalkavianClan Tremere
Clan Ventrue

These are the seven main clans of Kindred, however there are several more that exist.