On the darken'd plain			I met the man,
I walk					Shook his hand
No one near with whom			And we began to walk
To talk.
					Out of the plain,
I walk alone,				Out of the dark,
Seeing nothing,				Learning to share
Feeling nothing,			His pain
Utterly alone.
					When we parted last,
Time passes by,				He charged me:
I don't even bother			"Remember thy past
To ask why				And help mold

I know only 				The Future."
That I cannot die
That I cannot 				Never again will
Even try.				I be alone --
					I saw Him on a hill,
Suddenly, a light			And He is with me still.
Piercing, glaring
Through my night
I stand staring

At another figure on the plain
A voice saying,
"Know his pain"

--The Lone Bard--       23-October-1994