Last Thoughts

The Darkness is closing in again
And I've nowhere left to turn
No escape, no retreat.
I'm holding the end of the line,
Praying I can finish the knot in time
Because my grip is slipping

A voice!  Maybe, if I can just reply!
But I cannot -- holding on is taking all the
Concentration I'm not using to try to tie this knot.

   But the voice gives me hope.
   Someone is coming,
   If i can just hold on...

Why does it keep slipping out?  I know I
Can tie this knot -- I've done it before,
Hundreds of times, but it isn't working.

God, please let the bouncing of the rope
Be someone sliding down for me,
And not just my muscles twinging
From the strain.

There!  the knot is tied, and just in time.
My grip fails.
And the knot slips out.

--The Lone Bard--               30-October-1994