GenCon Indy 2003 pics

Note that these are just links to the pics, as I haven't had the time to size them down some will be more than a little large, and may take some time to load. Sorry 'bout that.

Our buddies, Steve Wolbrecht and Chris Ode of Dead Gentlemen Productions

A view down one of the aisles

The Paizo publishing booth. (That's Dead Gentlemen Productions' video of "Gamers" running on the TV in the lower right!)

Tykeal (with the backpack) and Dez hanging out at DGP's booth.

The Upper Deck arena was raised, and HUGEs

Some really cool terrain for mini-based adventures.

The Wizards of the Coast area - check out the massive d20 in the middle. (Unfortunately, they won't let you roll it...

Another aisle shot, with the Reaper Mini booth (where DMShoe went wild buying stuff) on the right.

The Chessex booth - need dice?

The on-site registration line - 1 of 3

The on-site registration line - 2 of 3

The on-site registration line - 3 of 3 (it continues all the way around under the overhang on the right!

A nice view of the Capitol from the convention center.

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