Setting up SpamAssassin at Bardicgrove

To get basic SpamAssassin coverage on your account, create the following two files in your home directory (/home/username):




Or, if you want to be lazy (because I like to, I make the option available to others...), copy and paste the following lines into a command window:
echo 'MAILDIR=$HOME/Maildir/' >> ~/.procmailrc
echo 'DEFAULT=$HOME/Maildir/' >> ~/.procmailrc
echo 'INCLUDERC=/etc/mail/spamassassin/spamassassin-spamc.rc' >> ~/.procmailrc
echo '|/usr/bin/procmail' >> ~/.forward
Note that you should immediately attempt to send yourself a message, and if it does not reach your inbox within fifteen seconds, delete the .forward file and contact Tykeal or Dez.


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